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Maheshwari Stones and Minerals Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1979. The company has come across a long way to be positioned as one of the recognized leaders in the marble industry. By 1983, the company had procured its own mines and erected processing units to help serve increasing national and international demand for Indian marble. Since then we have savored exponential growth by capturing a large segment of the Indian and global Marble market.

The key to our success is our adaptability to respond to our customers individual needs for both large and small projects. The excellent comprehensive service for the wide range of products, the experience and the in depth knowledge of the marble industry, our commitment to quality and the competitive prices have further enhanced our esteem in the market.

The company has organized all trades and export services with the utmost efficiency, the success of which is demonstrated by a long list of satisfied and highly valued customers.

House, temples, mosques, bungalows, embassies, hotel chains and office buildings are a few names in the list of major projects where we have supplied marble. Providing competitively priced material in large quantity of standard sizes for commercial works is the featured service provided by us.

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